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IN2ITION is a premier variety dance band from Minneapolis, MN founded in 2005 by Adam Teeter, former guitarist of the group Down With Gravity which eventually turned into IN2ITION. Over the years the band has developed a great fan following in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and is now even expanding into Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

The current lineup of IN2ITION includes expert musicians from all over the United States - and between them all a few degrees in music, a few top 100 Billboard hits, EMMY and IMAGE awards, studio work for major recording artists, international performances, and a laundry list of satisfied fans and club owners. One visit to a show and you'll see what all that gets you - a stellar and engaging musical performance by some of the best musicians around.

With the current lineup fronted by Keith Brown and Alexandra Kennedy, the crowd is constantly engaged by the diversity and talent of each individual. Also impressive is the rhythm section on the job featuring session ace Jimmy Bayard on guitar. There's no doubt that IN2ITION has top-quality talent and can deliver a great show.


Professional, talented, fun, and the bar did well that night. I'm excited to have them back.

Tim Curtis - Our Place